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 "The Nymph and the con artist "

Cast : Ahn Jae-Wook, Kim Min-Sun

Jae Kyung(Ahn Jae-wook) is an expert con man with an outstanding memory and resources. He has five fake identifications with names like Lee, Kim, Sohn and he sometimes uses his Christian name Gabriel. He lives a life full of lies until he meets his true love. But alas! He falls in love with the victims daughter.

Episode # 1

At age 9, Jae Kyung lives with Choon Shik (Park Geun Hyung), the unprofessional con artist.
One day Choon Shik gets caught for swindling. Jae Kyung doesn’t get intimidated despite his young age and furthermore, tries to teach the cops about law. Choon Shik is proud that Jae Kyung is so confident.
Choon Shik gets sent to jail and Jae Kyung is sent to a juvenile correctional home. Jae Kyung manages to escape from the police car and Choon Shik creates a distraction to help Jae Kyung’s escape. Jae Kyung runs away and grows up to be a young con artist.
Jae Kyung holds an event at a first class hotel with Jae Soo (Sung Ji Roo), to pull a scheme to sell fake diet pills. Jae Soo invites fat ladies at a hotel banquet hall and Jae Kyung mesmerizes everyone with his eloquent speech and charisma. Jae Soo can’t help himself feeling admiration and respect toward Jae Kyung….
After the event they get upset when they find out they didn’t break even. Minsang who has no idea what’s going on orders a bottle of whisky that costs more than a few million won and creates a scene.

Episode # 2

Jae Kyung hides in a studio to escape Mr. Won’s (Nam Po Dong) men and Kyung Sook (Kim Min Sun) mistakes him for her client and welcomes him politely. Jae Kyung immediately figures out what’s going on and pretends to be a client.
Jae Kyung ends up posing in front of Kyung Sook and feels something for her as he watches her work with passion.
On the other hand, Seung Jun who loses his temper easily gets into trouble everywhere he goes. One day he beats up a suspect and gets called by his superior.

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