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Mideodok is mixed with beef, clam meats, and plenty of vegetables such as water cresss and....

Mideodok-chim (steamed styela clava)

Mideodok is mixed with beef, clam meats, and plenty of vegetables such as water cresss and bean sprouts. Then, the mixture of perilla and ground rice is added to make it thick and it is steamed.


rice 3 Tbsp, mideodok (warty sea squirt, stylea clava) 100g, beef 100g, clam meat, watercress 100g, bean sprouts 200g, 1 onion, 5 young green peppers, Bang-a leaves 50g, water C, perilla powder 3 Tbsp, red pepper powder 3 Tbsp, salt 3 Tbsp, green onion 1 Tbsp, garlic 1 Tbsp


1) Wash rice and soak. Mix soaked rice with red pepper powder and grind with water in a blender. Strain on a sieve.

2) Grind perilla seeds with garlic. Add ground rice to this and season with salt

3) Break mideodok to eliminate silts inside and rinse thoroughly.

4) Trim watercress by taking off leaves and only use stem. Rinse and cut into 4cm length.

5) Trim bean sprouts, wash, and boil in cup water with salt.

6) Shred beef and clam meat and stir-fry in a pot.

7) Steam mideodok well with a lid and add bean sprouts, watercress, bracken, onion, young green pepper, Bang-a leaves, green onions, and garlic on mideodok and steam more. Then, add ground rice to make liquid thick and season with salt.

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