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Jaecheop is one of the edible cockles that live in the downstreams of Nakdonggang river.....

Jaecheopguk (edile cockle soup)

Jaecheop is one of the edible cockles that live in the downstreams of Nakdonggang river near Gimhae, Myeongji, Eomgung, and Hadan areas.

Jaecheop is boiled, drained on a sieve, and shelled. Then cockles and its boiled broth are seasoned with salts. The soup has milky-white color and very savory taste. Also it can an excellent side dish served with liquor.

* Jaecheop is rich in calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B2, and high quality proteins. When eating this soup, cockle meats can also be eaten along with the broth.


edible cockles 4 C, water 5 C, salt 2 tsp


1) Put cockles in diluted salt water to eliminate silts.

2) Boil cockles with water and lid on. When it boils up, reduce the heat.

3) When cockles are open, add salt and season.

* If boiled cockles are put on a coarse sieve and riddled, cockle meats are passed through and shells are left on a sieve. Put cockle meats into the broth and serve.

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