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Cucumber is cut in lengthwise, incised in the middle, salted for a while, and....

Oiseon (cucumber with meat)

Cucumber is cut in lengthwise, incised in the middle, salted for a while, and stir-fried. Beef, mushrooms, and pan-fried egg strips are inserted into the incision and sprinkled with vinegar water to make it taste sweet and sour. It is good for appetizer or a side dish for liquor.

* Shiitake mushroom can be replaced with western mushroom.

* Cucumber is rich in vitamin C and good for helping metabolism and skin health. Also, it is good for relieving thirst in summertime.


2 cucumber, beef (round) 50g, 1 shiitake mushroom, 1 egg, shredded pepper

Salt water: salt 1 Tbsp, water 1 C

Beef & mushroom seasonings: soy sauce 2 tsp, sugar 1 tsp, chopped green onions 1 tsp, chopped garlic tsp, sesame oil 1 tsp, crushed sesame seeds 1 tsp, black pepper


1) Prepare thin and tender cucumbers. Rub with salt, and wash. Cut the cucumber in half lengthwise, make incisions 3 times with 1cm apart on the outer side, cut at the 4th times to make about 4cm-long slices, and salt down in salt water.

2) Wash the cucumbers, wrap with a cloth, and squeeze out the liquid.

3) Cut the beef into thin strips. Cut the moistened shiitake into strips the same size as the beef, season the two together, stir-fry, and cool.

4) Separate the egg into yolk and white, pan-fry to make egg sheet, and cut into 2cm-long strips.

5) Stir-fry the salted cucumber quickly on a high heat, and cool.

6) Insert the yellow and white egg strips, stir-fried beef and shiitake into the incisions. Add one piece of shredded red peppers to one piece of white egg strips.

6) When serving, prepare vinegar water and sprinkle on them.

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