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 Trip-38 VIP Afternoon Tour

Tour number : Trip-38
Price : 80,000won / $80 / per person
No. of people : minimum 4person
Time : 13:00 ~ 18:00
Conditions : Guide, Transportation, Pick-up service, Entrance fee, Taxes

* Price : 80,000won / $80 (minimum 4person)

* Itinerary






Day 1




Hotel Pick-up
Changdeok Palace (Namsan Hanok Village on Mon)
Yongsan Electronics Market
Hanriver Cruise
Drop off at Hotel


* Conditions : English Speaking Guide
                       Hotel pick up Service, Transportation 
                       Entrance fee

* Remarks : Namsan Hanok Village on Mondays 
                    No shopping center! 

* Description

The The VIP tour with the best schedule
Most comfortable mini bus with enough rooms
The best tour guide with full of hospitality and full of knowledge about Korean history
The best Itinerary to know Korea in very short time

- Changdeokgung Palace : You will meet the secondary main palace from Joseon Dynasty where you can feel the last royal family’s life.
- Yongsan Electronics Market : It is the biggest shopping mall of electronics in Korea. Up-to-date electronics with reasonable price are always available here.
- Han River Ferry Cruise : Be ready to relax! This is the chance you can enjoy beautiful scenery of Seoul from the river.

Changdeokgung Palace 
Changdeokgung Palace was the second royal villa built following the construction of Gyeongbukgung Palace in 1405. It was the principal palace for many of the Joseon kings and is the most well-preserved of the five remaining royal Joseon palaces. The palace grounds are comprised of a public palace area, a royal family residence building, and the rear garden. Known as a place of rest for the kings, the rear garden boasts a gigantic tree that is over 300 years old, a small pond, and a pavilion.

The palace gained in importance starting from the time of 9th king of Joseon, Seongjong, when a number of kings began using it as a place of residence. Unfortunately, the palace was burned down by angry citizens in 1592 when the royal family fled their abode during the Japanese Invasion of Korea. Thanks to Gwanghaegun, the palace was restored in 1611. Even today, it holds a number of cultural treasures such as Injeongjeon Hall, Daejojeon Hall, Seonjeongjeon Hall, and Nakseonjae.

Yongsan Electronics Market
The Yongsan Electronics Market is an enormous wholesale electronics morket located near the Yongsan Train Station. The electronics market specializes in various consumer electronics including computers, computer parts, DVDs, CDs, and many other types of electronic goods. There are more than 3,000 stores situated in ther area, with a number of large shopping malls such sa Jeonja Land, Najin Sangga (Shooping Mall), and the Gwangwang Bus Terminal. Shoppers will find all their electronics needs at prices 15 to 30% cheaper than at retailers.

Jeonja Land (Electronic Land) in building 9 (9-dong) carries electronic parts on the first floor, broadcasting equipment and audio systems on the second floor, and computers and computer accessories on the third and fourth floors. The Wonhyo Sangga in buildings 4 and 5 (4-and 5-diong) perovides lighting fixtures, along with electric and electronic part.

Han River Ferry Cruise
Hangang River Ferry Cruise is one of the best ways to enjoy the scenery around Hangang River that flows through Seoul. Cool wind from the river, the surrounding scenery, which get more beautiful in the evenings, are the rewards the ferry cruise can offer you.

There are 3 places to get on or get off the ferries: at the Yeouido, Jamsil, and Ttukseom docks. All rides run on two kinds of cruise schedules. One cruise leaves the dock, goes on the Hangang River cruise course, and comes back. The other course starts from either Yeouido or Jamsil and ends at Jamsil or Yeouido. Some ferries make a stop at Ttukseom.

On the cruise, you can see Hangang River’s beautiful scenery, the surrounding islands, Jeoldusan Park, the 63 City Building, N Seoul Tower, Jamsil’s Multi Sports Complex, and other famous tourist spots. The cruise is often used for weddings, birthday parties, music performances and other events. The live concerts connect piano playing with singing voices, and will live on in memories. During the summer, the docks also offer motor boat rentals.

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