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    Daehangno Area (College Street, performing arts venues)

          Introduction to daehangno        Places to see in daehangno        daehangno Cultural Festivals

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    Introduction to daehangno

Seoul National University was first established here in 1946 and quickly became a place for the young to gather. Although Seoul National University moved its campus in 1975, many other universities remain in the area, including Sungkyunkwan University, Korea National Open University, Catholic University of Korea and Seoul National University College of Medicine. With this many university campuses it is easy to see why many people call the main street in this area 'College Street'.
On the former campus of Seoul National University now lie Marronier Park and various cultural arts centers, thus turning the landscape of Daehakno into one that is rich in culture and the arts. The Literary Arts Hall, Dongsung Art Center, Batangol Art Center as well as major theatrical exhibition centers and approximately 300 small movie theaters fill the streets of this culturally rich area. Many quaint cafes, unique restaurants, and pubs are scattered throughout this area. Marronier Park is a place where young people gather, play sports such as basketball or badminton, and perform music and plays. There is a special area set up in the park for performances to take place as well as many nearby restaurants lining the street. Heading towards Sungkyunkwan University, there is a small street that is famous for shopping. Located on this university campus, one can find Joseon National College where the famous Munmyo Shrine is situated.

    Introductions to daehangno

                 Marronier Park                         Sungkyunkwan University                   Dongsung Art Center
                  마로니에 공원                                   성균관대학교                                    동숭아트센터

            Marronier Art Gallery                           Ihwajang 이화장                          Dongsung Cinemateque
                마로니에 미술관                           (histrorical residence)                             동숭씨네마떼끄

    Daehangno Cultural Festivals

Culture and the arts come alive in Daehangno every May at the Daehangno Cultural Festival. This festival plays host to a variety of plays and exhibitions on the streets of Daehangno and Sungkyunkwan University.

When: every year at the end of May
Where: Daehangno and Sungkyunkwan University area

    Places to eat Daehangno

• Places to eat near Marronier

There are many places to eat throughout the Daehangno area. This theater and art district has many lovely restaurants to for people looking for a special place to eat. One can choose from such foods as Korean, Chinese, western-style, or even fusion-style restaurants. TGI Fridays and Bennigan's are just two of the famous western-style restaurants that are sure to please those craving American food.

• Places to eat near Sungkyunkwan University

If you are looking for inexpensive dining, cross the street from the Marronier Park area and head towards subway line 4, exit 4 to find an alley lined with affordable yet tasty restaurants.


"The outdoor performances are a fun thing to see on the weekends!" - Susan (28 year old American)

Susan has been in Korea for several years and says that she enjoys the atmosphere of Daehangno. Marronier Park is one of her favorite places in the area and says that time flies when she watches the outdoor performances on the weekend. From the plays and art exhibits to the lovely restaurants and cafes, Susan says that this is a great place to visit for those looking for an artistic and jovial atmosphere. When asked what she was doing this evening in Daehangno, she said that she was going to see one of her friend's animation exhibits and then head off to a jazz bar for a relaxing evening of good music.


• Location : 79-1, Jongno 5-ga, Jongno-gu, Seoul
• For more information call the Travel Phone : +82-2-1330 (English, Japanese, Chinese)
• Transportation :
   Take subway line 4 to Hyehwa-dong Station. Go out exit #2 and you will be able to see Marronier Park.

    Photo gallery

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