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Main Items : antiques, art galleries, traditional tea houses, etc.
Location : Ankuk Station(Exit 6)/Jongno3ga Station(Exit 5)
Apgujeongdong (a high-class downtown street brimming with youthful vigor)
Main Items : luxury shops, restaurants, cafes, etc.
Location : Apgujeong Station (Line No. 3)
Cheongdamdong (a street of luxury shops and galleries)
Main Items : luxury shops, galleries, restaurants, etc.
Location : Cheongdam Station (Line No. 7)
Hongdae Street (a street of clubs filled with young energy)
Main Items : clothings, accessories, clubs, restaurants, cafes, etc.
Location : Hongik University Station (Line No. 2)
Around Sinchon (university street)
Main Items : clothings, accessories, restaurants, cafes, etc.
Location : Sinchon Station (Line No. 2)
Around Daehangno Street (the heart of performance culture in Korea)
Main Items : performances
Location : Daehangno Station (Line No. 4)
Namdaemun Market (open-air market)
Main Items : clothings, foodstuffs, accessories, gift items, etc.
Location : Exit 5 of Hoehyeon Station (Line No. 4)
Telephone : 02-752-1913
Dongdaemun Market (indoor market)
Main Items : fabric, clothing, footware, etc.
Location : Dongdaemun Station (Line No. 1 or 2)
Telephone : 02-2236-9135
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