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Hit Products That Confound Marketers

When Samsung last September unveiled a smartwatch called Galaxy Gear, it was hoping for lively business from people on the go like corporate executives, stockbrokers and couriers. They thought it would be the perfect gadget to meet their needs to make calls, check their e-mails and exchange text messages while on the move.

But the reality confounded marketers. Executives shunned the device because it offers no privacy in phone conversations as the speaker's voice is audible to anyone within earshot. Couriers did not find the device useful either since they had to put it close to their mouths in order to communicate, which is dangerous while driving a motorcycle.....more

Seoul Plaza Hotel
Doulos Business Hotel
Chungcho Beach Motel
Hotel Hana in Jeju Island
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YPS-1-1 Yongpyong resort Overnight Ski Tour (1Night 2Days)
YPS-1-1 Yongpyong resort Overnight Ski Tour (1Night 2Days)
Yongpyong resort Overnight Ski Tour Yongpyong is set in unspoiled environs some 700-1,500m above sea level. They do Alpine, Nordic and new-school skiing here, plus snowboarding. The TV drama Winter Sonata, so popular around Asia, was shot here.
Trip-62-A East Coast & Natural Beauty of Mt. Seorak (Daily)
Trip-62-A East Coast & Natural Beauty of Mt. Seorak (Daily)
A national park of Korea, Mt. Seorak is often considered the most beautiful mountain in the southem part of the Korean pemimula. The mountain contains some of Korea뭩 most scenic rocky peaks....
The 3rd tunnel(DMZ) + Panmunjom tour
The 3rd tunnel(DMZ) + Panmunjom tour
This is a very special tour destination, in which offers a real vivid eye-opening experience of the Korean War.
Royal Relics Morning Tour
Royal Relics Morning Tour
On the way to Gyeongbokgung Palace the bus will pass by the Presidential Blue House. After The Presidential Blue House, guests will be led to Kyongbok Palace, which was built in 1394 as the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty.
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